Plaid Pinecone is an outdoor-inspired lifestyle blog and handcrafted personal care provisions company. Our company is about journeys, experience and philanthropy, not just profit. Plaid Pinecone is a unique type of company that uses business as a force for good and supports communities, workers and the environment. 

We prioritize our time with nature and the outdoors, taking time to observe and absorb the world around us. We encourage others to embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Outdoor life isn’t only for the extreme or just to those who camp, hike and trek hours from civilization - it’s for everyone. 

We experiment and create our own personal care provisions out of the desire to use less harsh chemicals and simplify our lives. We have created a select line of natural, chemical-free personal provisions that perform multiple uses making them well-suited for the outdoors.

Plaid Pinecone is a member of 1% for the Planet, read the press release.

We invite creativity and enrich our lives with new experiences and encourage others to do the same. With that combined energy and creativity, we present Plaid Pinecone.

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About Alisha & Michael

We are Alisha Churbe and Michael Churbe (rhymes with the Love Bug, Herbie). We are outdoor enthusiasts, road trippers, voyagers, urban adventurers, foodies and all around cool people who reside in Portland, Oregon. Alisha is a writer and Michael is a photographer. We get outside as much as we can: hiking, camping, road tripping, spending porch time with friends or on an urban adventure in a city. 


Plaid Pinecone chronicles our outdoor adventures and shares tips and tricks we have learned along the way. We share inspiration, advice, recipes, trip recaps and other fun content. And our personal care provisions that have become necessities for our travels.

Read about how we craft our Natural Products

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