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Canada Road Trip - Part 4, The Home Stretch

Miles: 512 Days: July 24 - 30

Continuing our trip, we took the ferry from Victoria to Port Townsend, WA and crossed back into the US at the end of July. We enjoyed our time in Canada immensely and often talk about return trips. The month was coming to a close and we still had a list. The next sites were Hoh Rain Forest, the Olympic National Forest, and Long Beach, Washington. Followed by our final camping destination for this trip in the Mt. Hood National Forest. This epic road trip topped our Year in Review: 2017.

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Olympic National Forest, Washington

Plaid Pinecone: view of road, SUV, mountain, and oceanside in Olympic National Forest, Washington

Our trip to the Olympic National Forest was considerably shorter than our loose itinerary suggested because we opted to stay with our friends on Vancouver Island longer. After docking in Port Townsend, we took a quick walk around to stretch our legs before heading down the Olympic Peninsula to camp for the night. We found the Klahanie Campground near Forks, Washington.

After a night at Klahanie, we headed to the Hoh Rain Forest and took a walk in the area with Euro. It was a gorgeous and dry day. After the Hoh, we stopped in Forks, Washington. Forks is famous! Stephenie Meyers’s Twilight novels were set in Forks and there are plenty of souvenirs. Not only will you find Twilight souvenirs, but you will also find plenty of Sasquatch swag, as Bigfoot sightings are also famous in the area.

We didn’t have much time to explore, having already booked two nights in Long Beach and were looking forward to it. Long Beach is one of our favorite beaches and we have been there many times. Aside from a drive through Vancouver, BC, this was the first destination on our list where we had visited previously.

Long Beach, Washington

Long Beach is the longest beach in the world according to the local signs. [NOTE: Long Beach is the longest drivable beach in the US and is the second’s longest in the world, second only to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.] We spent two nights at a hotel and took Euro out for long walks on the beach. We had dinners out and prepped for our upcoming four-day camping trip on Mt. Hood.

Plaid Pinecone: view of grass, beach, shelter, and ocean waves on partly cloudy day in Long Beach, Washington

Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

We left Long Beach with excitement - we were going to see our friends. Just a three hour drive south to meet up with them. We have been camping many times in the Mt. Hood National Forest, but this was our first time at the Armstrong Campground. The campground is small, a few of the sites are quite small and some are on hillsides. The proximity of the campground to a town makes it a popular location, but our group had booked the whole campground. We finished our epic road trip in such a great and special place. It was exciting to hike in the area and spend time around the campfire catching up with our friends that we hadn't seen in over a year. 

Plaid Pinecone: day dream view of trees and sun with lens flare. Armstrong Campground, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Even though our official epic road trip ended on Mt. Hood, we still had plenty of summer adventures including the Solar Eclipse in Oregon and a camping/road trips throughout Oregon and Washington including Whidbey Island, Northern Cascades and back to the Olympic National Forest (Washington).

Did you miss the rest of our Canadian adventures? Read about our epic road trip from the beginning: Planning an Epic Road Trip.

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